Balans en Voeding Venlo

Balans en Voeding Venlo

Rob Visscher is married and father of 2 children. Rob used to do a lot of strength sports. Unfortunately, he got more and more injuries that forced him to stop. As a result, he became more and more interested in nutrition and what effect it can have on you. In 2013 he started Balans en Voeding. Rob is now a certified and recognized weight consultant and a member of the BGN (Professional Association Weight Consultants Netherlands). He is also a Phytotherapist (herbal medicine). He gives nutritional advice and coaches people who want to achieve a healthy weight. As a Phytotherapist, he can help people with certain diseases and disorders. All this in a responsible and organic way. He has now also started Nanotherapy for several months.

Rob is currently the only Nanotherapist in Limburg and the surrounding area.
Nanotherapy is a revolutionary method that can be used for wellness, but also for all kinds of (vague) complaints, disorders and pain relief.

He combines this technique with his own experience as a weight consultant and phytotherapist.
This means that he also gives advice on lifestyle and that he regularly combines herbs and/or certain teas with medicinal properties. It gives him great satisfaction to be able to convince you of the progress you can make in case of complaints.

Rob also gives workshops in which he coaches and motivates people to live a healthier life with a no-nonsense story. During these presentations, he explains in a clear way what a healthy diet and lifestyle look like.

Rob is a passionate man, who is ready every day in the hope of helping people to a healthier life.